The bunny hop is ON!… well, Alex Chavez is up early, and ready to join you with chocolate bunny ears, I was able to snag his playlist for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

This song has a different style from the other ones, but that's what makes DNCE unique, you never know what to expect from them and that's why it's my favorite band. They NEVER  disappoint!  This is a hit 🔥🔥 great DNCE and of course Nicki Minaj joins them and she SLAYS!  Barbs are you ready as she brings this song to a WHOLE new LEVEL!  Nicki STILL broadening her flows and styles. She's done pop, euro synth, mainstream rap, underground hip hop, trap, punk rock, r&b, Latin pop, Motown funk, and basically everything under the sun and has done it WELL maintaining her distinctive style while giving way to the genre without much friction.  Ok, thanks to DNCEVEVO for below:

Forget this lad(Harry Styles) was ever in one direction. He clearly has great music taste. What a great song with Sign of the Times. Production is very John Lennon sounding.....not a bad thing. ......I'm a fan of this song. Well done Harry 👍

This isn't "traditional country music" but it is country music.  I am talking about Sam Hunt with 'Body like a Back Road' is one that will grip ya!  You have 1000 artist doing "traditional country music" Sam Hunt is doing it a little bit different. I love it!!!

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