I snagged the Sunday edition from Angel, catch ALL NEW MUSIC for 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!!

Looks like Sting makes his debut "I Can't Stop Thinking," that is the first single from 57th & 9th!  The title is a reference to the New York intersection he crossed every day to the studio where much of the album was recorded!

Lukas Graham take the brilliant lyrics of "Mama Said," into a great direction of love, time, sorrow, fun, and good old fashion family cooking.  O.A.R. is back with a totally ribbed 96' feel of a rock jam with "I Go Through," it seems really Garbage like with a mix of Coolio, but it has that vibe you crave!  Also MY JAM with Kungs with “This Girl.”

Wake up with an ANGEL, has you makes you a side of eggs, hashbrowns, and BIG GLASS of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning at 6!

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