Can you believe it is the Sunday before Xmas…well Alex Chavez‘s stockings are filled with album's and 8-tracks…so he was kind enough to let glance over his playlist playlist for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

This one REALLY makes my heart smile.  Alicia Keys explained the inspiration behind her new music video for her song, "Blended Family."  The video filmed in black-and-white music features Keys; her hubby and HIP HOP producer Swizz Beatz; and their kiddos, including children from Beatz' previous relationship.  It also features images of MANY KINDS of other families.  First video I've watched today and it is so beautiful and inspiring. This song continues to grow on me.

Your also gonna get an earful of "Million Reasons" which is a pretty cut and dry breakup song, but the video is about the people that pick you up when your heart's shattered into pieces…oh and it is from Lady Gaga.  And sometimes they have to pick you up off the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Then we hace OneRepublic with "Let's Hurt Tonight."  This is one that will linger in my mind and heart and soul…it just has a melody like no OTHER!

Also gonna get some Charli XCX, Jon Bellion, Rihanna, the Chainsmokers and SO much MORE...

Get ready to wake up nice and toasty with Alex, he has some gravy and biscuits, fruit loops, and menudo along with a side of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!