Football season is here, and I know from being married to a sports guy that games are sacred. Don’t talk, don’t ask questions, and for heaven’s sake, don’t bail on one game to watch another.

KFOX14 got an earful when they did that on Sunday. They cut from the end of the New Orleans Saints/Oakland Raiders game to broadcast the opening kickoff of the Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants game, and people were furious.

Because the NFL makes them do that.

John Purvis said there is an NFL rule that requires television networks to show the start of games for certain teams in certain TV markets. El Paso is a “mandatory kickoff market” for the Dallas Cowboys, and that’s why they bailed on the earlier game even though it was slated to be a really exciting finish.

Mike was one of the viewers who was angry that KFOX cut away, not because he is a fan of New Orleans Saints or the Oakland Raiders, but because he wanted to finish watching an exciting game. Maybe tv stations should run a warning crawl that alerts viewers that the station is about to switch to another game. Maybe when they do news cut-ins, the station could air the last play of the game.

I’m not a fan of football, but I can understand why this would be frustrating, so maybe next time, KFOX and other stations can figure out a way to not raise football fans blood pressure by switching games.

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