If you were wondering whether or not you should head out to this year’s Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl Game, the decision may already be made for you because tickets have officially sold out for the 2023 Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

Yup, this year’s Sun Bowl game is making history because the 90th edition of the Sun Bowl is officially SOLD OUT for the first time since 2010!

Sun Bowl organizers foresaw this sold out turnout, especially after the surprise selection of the Fighting Irish earlier this month. El Paso is Notre Dame territory, and their enthusiastic fans are known to turn any away game into a home-field advantage.

Now, you may still have a chance at grabbing some tickets but be very cautious with who you buy your tickets from!

I’ve already seen posts on local Facebook groups from people who mention that they are selling their tickets to the game. No reason is given as to why they’re selling the tickets, but one can only think that maybe they got busy or just cant make it.

Always verify that the person you are buying resale tickets from is legit and make sure not to give credit card details before you get those tickets in your hand!

The game is set for this Friday at noon. No. 16 Notre Dame and No. 19 Oregon State are sure to put on a show for fans that are excited to continue this El Paso tradition, The Sun Bowl Game!

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