UPDATE: We reached out to officials at Bassett Place about the possibility of Dave & Busters coming to El Paso, and this was their reply:

Hi Mike:

Bassett Place has no news to share regarding changes in our merchant roster at this time. Thanks for your continued interest in Bassett Place.

Have a great day.

Marguerite Byers,
Marketing Manager – Bassett Place

Sooooooo, no denial there. Hmmm, I think we have confirmation! Dave & Busters is coming to El Paso! Woohooo!!!

If you've ever been to Dave & Busters, you know how much fun it is. Video games, booze, food, booze, other fun stuff, booze - it's all under on roof, and it could all be coming to El Paso!

Dave & Busters filed a Commercial Tenant Improvement permit with the City of El Paso today on Tuesday for a location inside Bassett Place. They have 73 current locations, but a spokesperson with Bassett Place wouldn't say if they would be the 74th. NewsChannel 9 has been told by a source not directly associated with Bassett Place that several of the food court eateries were asked to move for the new Dave & Busters location.

A City inspection for the building permit is scheduled for tomorrow at Bassett Place. There is no mention of a new El Paso location on the Dave & Busters website, but we'll keep an eye on this story.

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