The IRS scams continue – don’t be bamboozled, here’s what you need to know.

Earlier this week I was meeting with a co-worker whose phone kept ringing and ringing and my poor co-worker kept saying "Man, they just don’t quit!" He was referring to the constant calls he kept receiving saying that he owed money to the IRS and that he was going to get arrested if he didn’t pay up. You can listen to the call above.

My co-worker actually called the number back and the person on the other end of the line said “IRS” and my co-worker then asked, “Which IRS is this?” and then he got hung up on. The truth is that the IRS will not call on anyone in a hostile manner and demand payment all while making threats.

According to the IRS website they DO NOT:

Next time you receive a call from this number 845-450-2153 or 845-450-2153 or from any number claiming to be the IRS just ignore it and do not answer and block the caller. If you do have any questions from the IRS, contact your local office. Find more information HERE.

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