One of my favorite functions of my Apple Watch is the ability to use it to pay for things.  It is really my primary use of payment when I am at stores or fast food restaurants.  It doesn't work so well when it comes to paying at sit-down restaurants.

I've become so used to using my Apple Watch for payment that I sometimes forget my wallet.

If I need cash? No problem. I can use it at my ATM to withdraw some cash.

I find that the only thing that's missing is the ability to use my Apple Watch as my working ID. I can't think of any reason why states shouldn't open up digital IDs as an option. How convenient would it be if we could use the same Apple Pay function to present or scan IDs?

One objection might be that expanding IDs to the digital world might put your identity at risk. Someone might be able to somehow lift your driver's license and use it to assume your identity.

However, we've had the ability to create fake IDs for more than 30 years. I should know. I had a terrific New Jersey fake ID when I was a freshman in college that I used to get into "church."

In all seriousness, fake IDs can easily be created and used for all kinds of nefarious activity.

I'd propose that everyone gets a physical driver's license, similar to the physical credit cards we have. In a similar way that users can upload their credit card info to their phones for use, drivers would have the ability to upload their info to an RMV app or their Apple Wallet.

Instead of presenting a license during a traffic stop, police could use an Apple Pay scanner to check the status of a driver. Bouncers at bars could use it to verify age, as could clerks at liquor stores or convenience stores for cigarettes.

Isn't it time to include a Massachusetts driver's license in your Apple Wallet?

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