There's a sketchy email going around that's scamming people into thinking they're in trouble. I was almost a victim of this and I'm hoping to spread some awareness.

I've never been the gullible type when it comes to scams and I'm very cautious with emails from businesses, companies or people I don't know, but this one almost got me.

On Tuesday, an email popped up on my phone with the title "Court Summons/Summons Notification." Although I knew inside that I didn't do anything wrong, I immediately panicked. I recently received a jury duty notice and was nervous that I didn't reply correctly on the website.

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Well, here's what the email had to say:

Court Case #3294294

Hereby we inform you that you are suspected of violating of the Federal Law under Title 16 USC § 8763.


Related hearing will be held next week at 3:30PM in Courtroom 6B. Case number is 7748-768671509.


In case you or your attorney are not able to attend to the court on the mentioned day, please inform us by sending a respond here with the specified reason reason for abscence. You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing.


List of documents to provide and further information can be found in an attached file.


Alison Solis
Chief Secretary Prosecutor

It didn't take long to recognize the numerous grammatical errors and the repeated words to realize it was bologna, but something else threw me for a loop and made me chuckle.

When I Googled this so-called "Chief Secretary Prosecutor," I quickly learned that she is far from any court official. According to Wiki Famous People, Solis is a "social media sensation who rose to fame as the daughter of Latin pop star Marco Antonio Solis."

Before you come at me with, "You can't be that foolish to think this is real," you're right, I'm not, but some migh, and I hope this helps them before they fall victim to a scammer.

Yeah, I think we're done here. Just don't click on any links if you've received an email summoning you to court. Chances are it's a phishing site looking to plant a virus or hack your accounts. You've been warned.

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