The dreaded Tax day is upon us and for me, this will be the first time in my adult life that I owe taxes and I AM NOT OKAY!!! *Cries in Spanish*

Tax Day is the day which income tax returns are due and need to be submitted to the federal government or else they go to your work and arrest you and take you away forever. I’m being dramatic but also, you can get in trouble if you don’t file those taxes! (I’m looking at you, reality TV stars who “forget” to file their taxes.)

Preparing income tax return
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Tax day usually falls on April 15th but since the 15th fell on a Saturday this year it’s been pushed to the 18th of April.

Although for many this day is not a fun day, I thought maybe providing some tax related pick-up lines could help ease the pain and maybe, just maybe help you flirt your way out of taxes! (Jk you still have to pay, but it’s still worth a shot.)


Tax Day Pick-Up Lines:

  • Hey, how bout you increase your charitable contributions by handing me your phone number?
  • I don't care if you're rich or poor because I will make your cash flow, baby.
  • I'm done being a sole proprietor, how about we form a partnership instead and I can show you how flexible me and my spending account can be.
  • Hey, Nice assets.
  • Baby how bout we leave this bar and get started on that additional child tax credit?
  • Baby if I take you home, it’ll be an experience you ain’t gonna be writing off anytime soon.
  • You should have listed me as a deduction, because I’m dependent on your love.
  • Are you a tax audit? Because you've got me sweating.
  • You must be a tax return, because you're all I can think about.
  • You're like a tax refund, you put a smile on my face.
  • Are you a 1040 form? Because I'd love to fill you out.

Want more pick-up lines? Click Here... but use them at your own risk!

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