I'll admit it - I love to garden, but my house is where plants go to die.  I mean, I can actually hear the plants screaming, "Not Tricia's house, NOT TRICIA'S HOUSE!", as I put them in my vehicle to take them home.  But that doesn't stop me from trying or buying at one of El Paso's Hidden Gems.

When you walk up to the entrance of Northeast Plant World at 9450 Dyer, you're greeted by a 'splosion of color.  Everything is easily laid out, and there are lovely people on hand to help you pick the right plants for your yard. 

You can also walk through their extensive tree selection and enjoy the shade.

You may wonder why Darren was the one taking all the pics - well, that's because my mom and I were busy looking at all the great plants.  She's the one with the cute gardening hat.

If you want beautiful plants and knowledgeable salespeople, check out Northeast Plant World!  You can give them a call at 915- 755-7333.  You can also check out their east side location at Eastside Discount Nursery, 8423 N. Loop, 915-591-3333.