Back in the 80's, the Eurythymics sang, "Here Comes The Rain Again"...  Pfft, we should be so lucky here in the EP.

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If this is your first El Paso spring, you should remember a couple of things.  First, always close your windows before you leave your house.  The winds come up fast around these parts, and blowing dust and sand always follow.  If you don't want the desert inside your house, close your windows.  Second, resist the urge to plant stuff before mid-April.  In addition to 50 mph winds, we also get weird cold snaps that will freeze those pretty little flowers you planted.  Save your money, plant in April.

So, this week is going to be one of those weird El Paso springtime weeks, so click and listen to Jorge Torres from our news partners at ABC 7 tell you all about it - and don't forget to close your windows!