Tonight's the night!  Time to pull out a pillowcase to fill up with delicious treats as you walk the neighborhood with your little ghostie or goblin!


It's hard to believe that we need to even say this, but remember to not dress your kids in dark costumes because they'll be hard to spot as they cross the street.  Have them carry a flashlight or get them a glow stick so they'll be more easily spotted by drivers.  Don't let them go out on their own, no matter how safe your neighborhood is.  Weird things happen on Halloween - do whatever you need to make sure they don't happen to YOUR kid.

There are a lot of places around town that will be handing out candy to kids.  The City of El Paso will be having Halloween events at 16 different recreation centers around town.  These are the locations:

  • Armijo Recreation Center, 700 E. Seventh.
  • Carolina Recreation Center, 563 N. Carolina.
  • Chihuahuita Recreation Center, 417 Charles.
  • Don Haskins Recreation Center, 7400 High Ridge.
  • Gary Del Palacio Recreation Center, 3001 Parkwood.
  • Galatzan Recreation Center, 650 Wallenberg.
  • Leona Ford Washington Center, 3400 E. Missouri.
  • Marty Robbins Recreation Center, 11600 Vista Del Sol.
  • Multipurpose Center, 9031 Viscount.
  • Nolan Richardson Recreation Center, 4435 Maxwell.
  • Pat O'Rourke Recreation Center, 901 N. Virginia.
  • Pavo Real Recreation Center, 9301 Alameda.
  • Rae Gilmore Recreation Center, 8501 Diana.
  • Seville Hall Recreation Center, 6700 Sambrano.
  • San Juan Recreation Center, 701 N. Glenwood.
  • Veterans Recreation Center, 5301 Salem.
  • Having Halloween on a Monday is a good and bad thing.  The good thing is hopefully there won't be as many crazy drunk people on the road, but the bad thing is the kiddies need to be in school tomorrow morning so that will cut short their candy-grab.  Just make sure the night is safe and fun for everyone, and save me the Snickers mini's!

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