It's the Spooky Season, and that means looking at costumes, preparing for trick or treating, and parties to celebrate and spook your friends at. Like all good holidays, there are a ton of songs you absolutely need on your playlist for whatever your Halloween celebration may be.

There are the usuals, like the Monster Mash, the theme from Ghostbusters, and others. But are there some that are a bit more obscure or forgotten to time? Or are there just some classics you absolutely can't do without? Here are several to consider.

Nightmare On My Street (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)

At the height of their collaborative efforts, the "Fresh Prince" Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff would drop this absolute banger of a song based on the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise.

Aadams Family Groove (MC Hammer)

Another relic of the 90s, the Aadams Family films meet the legendary MC Hammer for this catchy (almost annoyingly so) song.

This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman, from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

It's one of the most iconic children's Halloween movies, and the soundtrack is full of songs that are great for any party. If you'd like, swap this out with Oogie Boogie's Song (or, just add that one as well).

The Time Warp (from Rocky Horror Picture Show)

It's hard to mention Halloween without mentioning a film that could very well be the definition of a "cult classic." People still gather at theaters every year to watch the movie, and the Time Warp is a solid addition to any Halloween playlist.

Re: Your Brains (Jonathan Coulton)

This one is a bit more obscure but a personal favorite. Extremely catchy, it's a song about zombies, but in the form of business emails. Because corporate life and zombie life can sometimes feel the same, right?

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

It's very hard to take seriously any Halloween playlist that doesn't have this staple from the pop world. It's a timeless work of art and, seriously, a must-have.

[Ghost] Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash)

Ghosts and Halloween go hand in hand, and the chilling tones of the voice of Johnny Cash are perfect for the spookiest night of the year.

Cajun Halloween (Gérard Dôle)

This authentically Cajun-sounding song is perfect for a spooky night when the fog is rolling off the bayou and the moon is high overhead. Get the ghosts and ghouls really dancing with this one.

Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group)

If you're more of a jam than a dance person, this one's for you. The classic horror story of a monster made up of different human parts meets a song made up of different riffs from different recording sessions. The result is what Winter himself would call a "monster-like, alumbering beat."

Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult)

Another jam to add to your playlist, what is more monstrous than a song about an actual monster?

Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell)

A creepy song that is also perfect for Halloween, Rockwell's hit is only amplified by the vocals of Michael Jackson (who denied being involved with the song for decades) and bringing it all together.

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