Are you one of those people who struggle with deciding how much candy to buy every Halloween for your neighborhood trick ‘r treaters?  Well, the Mars-Wrigley candy company have partnered with internet grocery delivery service to make everyone’s lives a little less stressful this year by creating a candy calculator that will figure out EXACTLY the number of pieces and bags of candy you should get.  

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 Here is everything you need to calculate your candy load for Halloween 2021: 



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T: Time you plan on speeding giving out candy, in hours. 

K: Kids that stop by per hour, in # of kids. 

G: Generosity of pieces of candy per kid, in # of candies. 

(Optional: If you have the bad habit of eating your Halloween candy before you even have a chance to give it out, there’s a formula for how many pieces of candy you should stock up prior to the big event Halloween night.) 

D: Days before Halloween, in number of days. 

H: Household size, in number of people. 

S: Sneaking candies, in number of candies eaten per day per person.  



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#1 – Amount of Candy to Buy for JUST Halloween 


(3 hrs x 30 kids x 3 pieces/ kid) = 270 pieces of candy 

A  large bag of mini candy typically contains 75 pieces of candy.  So, our formula tells us we need 270 pieces of candy, so we’re going to divide this number by 75 pieces/1 bag 

*(270 pieces of candy / 75 pieces in 1 bag) = 3.6 or 4 bags of candy 


#2 – Amount of Candy to Buy for Yourself BEFORE Halloween 

(Optional: If you eat your candy before Halloween) 


(7 days x 4 people x 2 pieces/person) = 56 pieces of candy 

*(56 pieces of candy / 75 pieces in 1 bag) = 0.75 or 1 bag (extra) 

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 #3 – Amount of Candy to Buy for Halloween AND Yourself BEFORE Halloween 

(Formula #1 + Formula #2)  

(4 bags for Halloween + 1 bag for yourself) = 5 bags of candy 


(270 pieces of Halloween Candy + 56 pieces of candy for you) = 326 pieces of candy 

(326 pieces of candy/ 75 candies per bag) = 4.3 or 5 (to be safe) bags of candy 


Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash


I hope this help you and your wallet by getting just the RIGHT amount of candy this year! 

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