Halloween is quickly approaching and many people are already stocking up on candy. Mostly for themselves but also those big bags to give out to children. As usually, surveys are being held to help candy companies better understand who is buying their products. Unfortunately, poor candy corn is still not receiving the love many believe it deserves.

According to Candystore.com, candy corn is the worst Halloween candy of this year. Using over 30,000 of their own customers' opinions, Candystore.com was able to create a top 10 list of worst and best Halloween candy.

I know some people who eat candy corn like actually good candy but others who are disgusted by just the mention of it. All I know is this year if you don't want some tricks played on your house, you better not give out this candy to children. Try giving out the best candy according to Candystore.com, peanut butter cups. Now those I could eat all year long.

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