Dyan Cannon is one of those old-school dames who could drink, smoke, and cuss any man in the room under the table, but still look like a lady doing it!  She had, and still has, the best hair in show biz, and she starred in one of the funniest films ever made, 'Heaven Can Wait'.

The movie also stars Warren Beatty as a football star who gets prematurely killed and then brought back to life in the body of Dyan's elderly husband's body.  She thinks she and her boyfriend, the husband's secretary, killed him, but when then he comes back to life looking like himself, but to moviegoers, looking like Warren Beatty!  It's a highlarious movie, and if it comes on, check it out, or Netflix it. 

In this scene, Birthday Girl, Dyan, and her boyfriend, the incomparable Charles Grodin, are recovering after being shocked to find out that her husband isn't really dead!  Watch the hilarity ensue!

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