A couple of weeks ago I got a new phone and because my camera no longer had a weird smudge that made picture taking nearly impossible, I started taking photos of stuff again. I was out in my backyard taking photos to see how my new fancy schmancy camera worked in different lights and what it could do when I snapped a photo that had an interesting feature on it.

When I first took the photo I didn't know that I had captured anything. There was nothing next to me or anything that could have cast a reflection to have caused the anomaly in the photo and because I didn't look at it until later that evening I couldn't try to recreate it to see if it was just a feature of where I was standing with the way the sun hit the camera. Here's the photo:

Patricia Martinez

When I checked out the photo I was surprised because it looks like a person standing there with his legs spread. The fact that there is an oddly placed hummingbird feeder just adds to the thing looking like a man. Since I always feel presences in my house I couldn't really say that I felt anything in particular when I took this pic but I wanted to know what our resident ghosteses experts thought about it.

I showed the photo to Dolores Whitaker, our ghost whisperer who helps Mike and Tricia Mornings when we do our Halloweek "Hey Mike and Tricia Ghost Hunt My Home" contest and she said, "I do feel a presence. I definitely feel like someone wanted to communicate and also that someone was very happy." That made me feel good because I only want happy presences at my house.

Then I showed the pic to Ramiro Galvan who does our ghost hunting during Ghost Hunt My Home and he had some, let's call it, interesting things to say. He said Emily, one of his team members, said she feels like I photographed a portal since it follows an almost arch shape and there appears to be an energy shift that could be causing a possible portal. Because I have electrical lines in my backyard Emily said it could be feeding a weird energy change.


Then Ramiro sent me inverted copies of my photo and said, "It doesn't look like lens flare/glare from the sun. Inverting or darkening the photo would show other glare spots if it was the case. I don't see any other spots." Lens flare or glare from the sun was a popular theory from our listeners when we threw the photo out on Mike and Tricia Mornings Facebook.

So here are the photos that Ramiro inverted and as you can see, there is no lens flare or glare, just a dark figure with a pretty serious stance:

Patricia Martinez/Ramiro Galvan

Here, Ramiro added a different filter just to make sure:

Patricia Martinez/Ramiro Galvan

So as we say on the show, we report you decide. Ghost, presence, guardian angel as some of our listeners suggested, odd camera anomaly? What did I photograph in my backyard?

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