In honor of 420, let's take a look back at all the celebrities arrested by authorities in and around El Paso, including the most famous Sierra Blanca checkpoint.

420 is the numerical date of April 20th, recognized by pot-smokers as the day to smoke marijuana and celebrate the natural herb.

For years marijuana and drug-toting celebrities like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Snoop Dogg have gained notoriety around these parts for getting busted with possession.

Whether in El Paso or at the Sierra Blanca Border Patrol checkpoint in West Texas, here are all the celebrities that got busted for drugs and ended up in jail.

Today as you raise a blunt to celebrate 420 - let's also give the nod to all the celebrities that have paid the price for being cannabis connoisseurs.

Celebrities Busted With Drugs In & Around El Paso, TX


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