El Paso Police are warning the public not to accept invitations to "mansion parties" that have resulted in a string of violence.

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The El Paso Police Department is forewarning the public to avoid attending "mansion" or "house parties" promoted via social media.

Police allege various shootings and stabbings have occurred at those parties, resulting in multiple injuries and deaths.

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According to the El Paso Police Department press release, “The use of drugs is explicitly promoted, sold, and used at the parties. Besides the illicit drug activities and underage drinking without limitation, rival gang members usually converge at the same locations, and the perfect storm for violence results. The targeted age group for these events is usually teenagers through early twenty-year-olds.”

Furthermore, El Paso Police say that the use of alcohol and drugs contributed to acts of sexual violence, and anyone who attends is putting themselves at high risk.

Sherriff's Dept RVaquera
Sherriff's Dept RVaquera

This week, the Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit arrested 18-year-old Isaac Carlos in connection with the shooting death of Cisqo Rodriquez. Investigators learned that before the shooting, both parties had been attending a “mansion party” at 5081 Fort Defiance in East El Paso.

Per the Sherriff’s Office, there have been over 20 incidents that have occurred at that location this year, including:

  • (1) Death
  • (6) Drug Offenses
  • (4) Driving While Intoxicated
  • (2) Aggravated Assaults
  • (3) Assaults
  • (4) Injured Parties
  • (2) Information Received
  • (1) Burglary of Vehicle
  • (1) Runaway
  • (1) Abandoned Property
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Police are sounding the alarm for parents of minors to stay alert, asking that they monitor their child's social media interactions and know the whereabouts of their children when they go out with friends.

El Paso Police also advise property owners and neighbors to take proactive measures and call 911 if they see anything happening in their neighborhoods.

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In June, Airbnb announced a global ban on all parties and events on all their Airbnb listings, helping to curb any illegal activity.

Stay alert, and be aware of these "mansion parties," if you see something, say something and report it to authorities immediately.

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