Whether it's 4/20 or just after a long of work, sometimes you just need to unwind. But you have to make sure you have the right songs to play first. Here are some songs about getting high done by Texas artists. Starting with the legendary...

Willie Nelson

There's no way you can't include a list of songs about weed WITHOUT mentioning Ol' Willie Nelson. You know you're good when people write songs ABOUT Willie getting high (like Toby Keith or Jack Johnson). Songs I'd recommend are It's All Going To Pot, Reasons To Quit or my personal favorite: Roll Me Up (& Smoke Me When I Die).

Butthole Surfers

The alt rock band from San Antonio have songs that sound like they'd be perfect for any occasion you decide to light up. However their song off of their 1989 EP Widowermaker called "The Bong Song", might be the perfect song of choice right from the first couple of seconds.

Mitch Webb & The Swindles

Another group from San Antonio, Mitch Webb & The Swindles wrote a song all about when life just sucks, sometimes you need something to at least make it bearable. "H.E.B." talks all about that escape from reality.

The Reverend Horton Heat

The band that defines Texas rockabilly has plenty of songs to enjoy while you're lighting one up (after all they have an album called Smoke Em If You Got Em). "Marijuana" is an instrumental that you can put on & just... embrace the music. Meanwhile "The Devil's Chasing Me" feels like a trip one might experience; hopefully one you don't experience.

ZZ Top

ZZ Top songs usually talk about drinking but on occasion they write a song about getting high. One song in particular is "Flyin' High". Another song worth mentioning is Billy Gibbons appearance on the Tim Montana song, "Weed & Whiskey". Which definitely sounds like a party.


Just like with ZZ Top, Pantera didn't write a lot of songs about drugs. But there was ONE they wrote that was featured off of their last album, Reinventing The Steel. The lyrics to "Goddamn Electric" describe it perfectly:

"To walk through world by one's self, you can't be protected
Your trust is in whiskey, weed and Black Sabbath
It's goddamn electric"

That pretty much says it all.

The 13th Floor Elevators

We're taking a trip back to the 60s, Roky Erickson was the main founder for The 13th Floor Elevator. Despite being a one hit wonder from Austin, they were a huge reason for the start of the psychedelic era in music. A great song for an experience I recommended is "Roller Coaster".

Honorable Mention: The Mars Volta

While The Mars Volta from El Paso doesn't necessarily have a song talking ABOUT getting high; a lot of theirs are a trip to listen WHILE you're high. "L'Via L'Viasquez", "Goliath", "Ilyena", "Inertiatic ESP"... so many to choose from so take your pick.

If you want more suggestions, here's more rock songs to blast out while you're flying high.

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