The smash-hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton' is in the news today, not because it's the toughest show to get a ticket to, but because the cast spoke directly to Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence from the stage after the show, and the reaction from the crowd had President-Elect Donald Trump taking to Twitter to demand an apology from the cast.

When Pence first walked into the theater, there were people in the audience who were booing, as seen on this Twitter post:

Then, the cast stopped Pence as he was leaving the theater to address him directly from the stage:

The cast of a Broadway show is probably the best example of the make-up of the American people. Gay, straight, male, female, small-town, big-city, immigrant, native - it's likely every demographic is represented in the cast of a Broadway play. Pence couldn't have asked for a more representative group of the people he is getting ready to help lead. Trump should not freak out about the fact that they spoke to him from the stage, and should have said that they were gracious enough to say that people shouldn't boo him before they read a statement.

Trump and Pence need to realize that by asking to be elected to the highest offices in the land, they agreed to have everyone's opinion given to them, good and bad. You can't pick and choose who you are going to listen to as President and Vice-President, and if you don't like what people are saying, don't run for office.

On the other hand, people need to think about how they would feel if Hillary Clinton had been treated the same way. Let's say she walked into the theater last night and was booed by Trump supporters. People would be incensed and rightly so. She doesn't deserve to be booed because that is crass, rude behavior.

I didn't vote for Trump and Pence. I'm worried about what they will do once in office. But I want to see a peaceful transfer of power and a successful Trump presidency because the alternative is bleak. Do we really want to see four years of riots, a failed presidency, and increasing ugliness between Trump and Clinton supporters? That would have repercussions for generations, and that would be disastrous for America.

We need a president who isn't freaked out by every little thing and rushing to Twitter to act like an upset teenager, and we need an American public who is aware of what their vote means every time an election comes up. But mostly what we need is to remember that we are all Americans and begin working together, or else all will be lost.

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