We all know there is a gym chain that uses the tagline "The No Judgement Zone", but I wish gyms would use the tagline "If You Can't Keep Your Hands Off Each Other Get A Room". Yes, it's a little wordy, but it pretty much described the way a couple was acting at the gym this weekend.

I gotta tell you, I'm not a gym rat, but I do go every day and for the most part, people are just there to work out. I don't go to a meet market gym, but occasionally, you run into the guy and girl who were working out this Saturday morning. She was doing crunches and the noises and the loud and obnoxious "you're going so great, baby" over and over was enough to make you want to drop a weigh on your head.

Look, I get it. You guys both look amazing. Seriously hot bods, seriously sexy workout outfits, seriously ridiculous selfies while working out. Uh huh.  They were THAT couple at the gym.  You know the ones - they hang all over each other, touch each other's muscles (and I don't mean that in a gross way, but somehow, they manage to make you want to toss your cookies while they do it), and generally make a spectacle of themselves as they grunt and moan their way through their workout!  I mean, the only thing they didn't do was a tantric yoga exhibition that would make Sting blush.

Seriously, I'm glad this couple adheres to the The-Couple-Who-Works-Out-Together-Stays-Together mantra, but really, please, and I mean, PLEASE, leave the icky, kissypoo, ooooh honey your pecs are aaaaamazing stuff at home!  The rest of us just want to work out, not have voyerism foisted upon us!

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