Look, no one wants to wear a mask. It totally screws up your makeup, gives you maskne, reminds you how unpleasant your breath smells after eating a burger with onions, and it hurts your ears. The only good thing about a mask is that it makes everyone look super sexy. Well, that and the fact that it protects you and everyone around you from contracting COVID-19. No one wants to wear a mask. We all agree on that, but El Paso City and County officials are working together to put a mask mandate back into place and they're going to sue Texas Governor Greg Abbott to do it.

At a meeting Monday night, El Paso County Judge Hector Ocaranza, who is the El Paso Health Authority and has the final say in things like this in El Paso County, said that he wants these things to happen with a mask mandate and he wants it to go into effect at midnight Tuesday night:

1. Everyone over the age of two will have to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while indoors

2. Parents and guardians of kids ages two to ten are responsible for making sure their children wear a mask when outside their home

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3. You don't have to wear a face covering if you have trouble breathing, have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering

4. You don't have to wear a face covering if you are actively exercising indoors and not within 6 feet of any other person not from your same household

5. You don't have to wear a face covering while eating or drinking

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While I'm all for a mask mandate, it's the loopholes that will continue to allow the spread of the virus. I guarantee you there will be a ton of people who will claim they can't breathe or have a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask but refusing to be a little uncomfortable is what will continue to help the spread of not only the original COVID-19 virus but also the variants.

If there are any updates to this story we will keep you informed of them as soon as we get them, but in the meantime, please wear your mask so we can get past this nonsense.

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