As the weather gets colder and we inch closer and closer to the holiday season, and winter, lots of singles start to think about who they can snuggle with and binge the newest season of Netflix's 'The Warrior Nun.'

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And as cuffing season runs right through the holidays,

The cold season when everyone’s coupling up, so you settle for a new bf/gf way below your standards. ~Or~ you’re one of the smart ones who cozies up w Coors Light and your pupper bff. - Urban Dictionary

El Paso singles may find themselves wondering if they'll even have a date for New Year's Eve parties.

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After doing exhaustive research and wading deeply through the dark corners of the internet, I think I found the 3 best places to meet 'cuffing' partners, just in time for a New Year's kiss.

Photo by Bianca Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Bianca Jordan on Unsplash

1. Laundromat

At first, you may not think a laundromat is a good place to eventually get dirty, but long wait times and close seats make for an ideal small talk situation. According to get

What really helps you out here is that women like to talk, and they love to give advice – especially to “helpless” men!

Plus it's a great place for everybody to air their dirty laundry... Nobody? Anybody? Ok...

Who cares if you already have a washer and dryer, if you're single this cuffing season head into a laundromat.


Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash
Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

2. Gyms 

Now you might think gyms are too stereotypical to the point that they become a joke for meeting people, but that's just because most people do it bigly wrong.

At they've got a few DOs and DONTS, actually more than a few, so I'll just mention a couple here.

A. Talk to the staff

The club manager and coaches are your golden ticket to extracting insights and information, as well as getting introductions to other members.

B. Take advantage of any free personal training or consultations

Even if you know your way around the gym, meeting with one of the most outgoing people in the gym can’t be a bad thing. It’s an easy way to make a friend on day one without awkwardly approaching anyone during your first time in the gym.

C. Be consistent

Working out at the same time each day is a great way to become familiar with other people on the same schedule.


Darren Carter via YouTube
Darren Carter via YouTube

3. NEW Teddy's Lounge

I've heard a rumor, from a trusted source, that Teddy's Flame Room, aka the legendary Teddy's Lounge at the Holiday Inn is renovated and 'down to service' a younger clientele.

If the stories are true every 'single' in El Paso should at least try heading there once.

If you're a guy random woman will sometimes come up and talk to you, and if you're a girl random in will most definitely come up and talk to you.

Just look at what the glory days were like. Ah, the stories those carpets could tell!

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