The El Paso music scene is so unique; not only do we have many great artists from El Paso or our neighbors in New Mexico, but we have many great local talent that come from Juarez. This is not a top 10 list (it'd be WAY to hard to narrow to JUST 10) but a good starting point of great acts from Juarez to check out:

Hollywood Btch: A great rock n roll band based in Juarez & Chihuahua Mexico, with a touch of progressive rock thrown in the mix.

Abismo: With roots in El Paso & Juarez, Abismo can easily please fans of hard rock regardless if you speak English or Spanish.

Relayden: This band sounds like they could've come straight out of the 80s, but Relayden is indeed a modern band with that throwback sound.

Gunfighters: The Western Death Metal band Gunfighters is certainly one to show their creativity in music. They've also been known to show their love for folk heroes like Rodrigo Santos.

Coventry: Some heavier metal from Juarez, inspired by the metalcore scene, Coventry definitely has the sound & look to match bands like Ghost or Black Veil Brides.

Dizz Brew: Who says rock needs to be serious? Dizz Brew proves you can be serious rockers AND still have that sense of humor needed in rock music.

Hyproglow: An old friend of KLAQ, Hyproglow has been steadily proving they can still rock after being around for decades.

Flamel: If you've been to Neon Desert, you would definitely remember seeing Flamel perform; and you can occasionally see them perform around El Paso today.

The Lily Jacks: Whether it's in Spanish or English, The Lily Jacks rock & they've been featured on our Q Connected playlist many times (and will continue to be).

The Sullivans: Not many local bands can say they've rocked iconic venues such as The Whiskey A Go Go, but The Sullivans have with their good ol rock sound.

Four Monsters: Another throwback band, this time to the 80s AND 90s, Four Monsters have been shown on local Juarez tv so they're quickly becoming local celebrities.

Novanima: If you want a local band that sounds like Pink Floyd, Periphery with a touch of The Midnight, then Novanima is for you.

Palmer: A favorite at local festivals in Juarez, Palmer is no stranger to playing for their El Paso fans either.

Estereomance: The 3 piece pop rock band is not only known for rocking El Paso; but they've done shows all over the US. You also will find them at SXSW in 2023.

Fools Like Me: If you like a band that sounds like old school Doors, you'll enjoy Fools Like Me.

Of course if I've missed a few names, so if you see any more bands you enjoy, support them! You could find your new favorite local band.

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