They say that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

Well that's definitely the case any time a band covers someone's song. These are the some of the best forms of flattery done by El Paso artists. Here are 12 of the best covers done by local artists:

Fusebox: The El Paso metal heads Fusebox did a cover of another metal band, Black Sabbath's Into the Void. The song was recorded & included on their album New Earth. So yes you can stream it on Spotify if you want.

Into the Spiral: The rockers Into The Spiral did a cover of their favorite Stevie Wonder tune, Superstition.

Fraile: The Juarez/El Paso singer is living in Austin but during his career, he's put out 2 covers so far: one of Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker & Roadhouse Blues by The Doors.

Emily Davis: Emily Davis has so many covers to her it's inside; many acoustic. One of her most popular covers is of You by Bad Religion; and the comments back me up on that claim.

At The Drive-In: Now we're getting into the big bands from El Paso; ATDI recorded a cover of The Smiths "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" that you can find on the compilation album This Station Is Non-Operational.

Sparta: Jim would record another cover with Sparta, this time of Jawbreaker's Kiss the Bottle. This version was recorded for the Jawbreaker tribute album Bad Scene, Everybody's Fault.

Pissing Razors: And finally, we have the Pissing Razors. They have 2 covers that were recorded on albums; they covered Nailbomb's Wasting Away from Eulogy Death March.

and old school fans of Pantera would know they did a cover of Domination. In honor of Dimebag...

Terri Marquez/ P. Razors
Terri Marquez/ P. Razors

Honorable Mention Kyng: While the band is based in Los Angeles, the drummer, Pepe Clarke is an El Pasoan. They actually recorded 2 acoustic covers from Beyond the Dead Woods: Starman by David Bowie & Metallica's Escape.

We'll probably see plenty more in the future; let's hope the original artists find these covers & give some props.

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