We know El Paso, Texas has given us some amazing musicians & as a drummer, I want to give a shout out to some amazing fellow El Paso drummers that rock. Drummers like...

Eddy Garcia (P. Razors):

The El Paso successors to Pantera, the Pissing Razors have been making music since 1994 with no signs of stopping. Especially with being so close to the late Abbott brothers...

Terri Marquez/ P. Razors
Terri Marquez/ P. Razors

But the Razors are not the only band Eddy has played with; he's worked with other local bands including Little King on their Amuse De Q album.

Pepe Clarke Magana (Kyng):

The powerful drummer from the band, Kyng, definitely deserves a mention here. Originally from Juarez, he's lived in LA & Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music. He's currently living in El Paso as the drummer teacher (and founder) of El Paso's Let There Be Rock music school.

Charlie Quintana (The Plugz/Social Distortion):

A drummer that doesn't get talked about, but everyone who knew him, KNEW how good we was on the drummers. Whether it was with The Plugz or Social Distortion (or SEVERAL different artists like Bob Dylan, or Joan Osborne), Charlie's playing was always to be respected & appreciated.

He passed away in 2018 which is a shame because we would've loved to see what else Charlie could've done. But I'm happy we can appreciate his drumming & legacy NOW.

Jimmy Carl Black (Frank Zappa):

Oh yeah, you wanna talk about legendary? How about being the very first drummer for Frank Zappa? He also was one of the founding members for The Mothers Of Invention. Jimmy passed away November 1st, 2008. Amazingly El Paso got to see Jimmy  perform one last time before his passing.

Any last messages for us Jimmy?

Dalton Powell (Bobby Fuller):

Bobby Fuller was the father of El Paso rock n roll; Dalton was the man who kept him in time. Another legend in the music world, Dalton is still rocking at the age of 80 years old.

But one burning question we have to ask... does Dalton have El Paso pride? You bet he does.

Some drummers I know personally that want make a mention (I'm sorry to whom I forget!):

  • Anthony Pacheco
  • Julio Ortega
  • Elizabeth Pursel
  • Audrey Villalobos
  • Nando Gallardo
  • Mary Moreck
  • Manny Castaneda
  • Steve Oropeza
  • Christian Yanez
  • Brian Carbajal
  • Rick Resendez
  • Frankie Loya
  • Matthew Wojciechowski
  • Zane Pacillas
  • Mikey Stampede
  • Steve Salazar
  • Edgar Summers
  • Rafael Rojas
  • Christopher Serrano
  • Joseph L James
  • Louie Kuauhtlatoa

I KNOW I probably missed other amazing drummers from El Paso (you know who you are!) This article is for YOU; keep playing & keep rocking'!

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