Now that Thanksgiving has passed we can all agree, bring on everything Christmas. It's time for the lights to be hung, the music to be playing, and kids need to make sure they are on the nice list not the naughty list. I think most kids know they are on the nice list, but sometimes you want to check with Santa Claus for yourself.

After searching for a long time we finally found the number for you to call Santa, it's (951)262-3062. Please don't call Santa without your parents permission and make sure they are close to you when you call so they can say hi too.

Obviously, during this time of year Santa keeps himself pretty busy getting ready for Christmas. So, if you call him and he doesn't pick up, make sure you leave a detailed message for him. He will most likely ask you if you have any specific things you want for Christmas so start thinking about it now before you call him. Merry Christmas!

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