Summer is basically here and if you are afraid to wear your short skirts or shorts, you may want to try this awesome treatment.

Cellulite isn’t pretty but it’s something that 80% of people from all walks of life deal with but it shouldn’t prevent you from living a normal life. Most people think that only people who are obese or heavy set suffer from cellulite but the fact is that anyone, big or small, male or female are susceptible to cellulite and no matter how much you exercise, watch your diet or apply topical creams, your dimpled skin will never improve without proper treatment.

Over the past year I’ve been practicing a healthier lifestyle and as a result I’ve lost some weight which is great but my skin’s texture especially around my thighs has been bothering me for some time now so I decided to visit with EP Cellulite Center to see how they could improve the look of my legs. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got there, the whole staff was really nice, friendly and caring. The treatment was pretty simple and I could do this on my lunch hour.

The treatment is a scientific approach using sound wave technology and its the exact treatment that celebrities use and it totally works!

(Check out some of the before and after pictures from happy customers below)

EP Cellulite Center 2


EP Cellulite Center 1

Just after the first visit I could tell that the skin around my thighs was much more taught and the texture had dramatically improved, I even noticed that my pants fit looser around my thigh area a few days later which was really exciting to say the least. I still have a few more sessions to go but I can tell you that this is my go to treatment from now on, after I’m done with my thighs I’ll move on to my arms and then maybe my midriff.

The fact that there is no down time, it’s completely non-invasive and that it takes less than an hour is a major plus in my book.

Personally, I recommend this cellulite treatment because it simply works and you will be impressed with the results whether it’s your thighs, or any other portion of your body.

Try it for yourself and see what EP Cellulite Center can do for you. Call them today at 915-545-4444 or visit them at and simply book your consultation and get your legs summer ready asap.

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