Talk about a blast from the past.

“I ran into Gary today!,” reads the caption that accompanied Estela Casas’ Facebook post.

'Gary' as in Gary Warner; Estela’s longtime KVIA co-anchor. Before her current co-anchor Erik Elken, before Rick Cabrerra, there was Gary. He and Estela remain El Paso’s longest running TV anchor team, sitting next to each other nightly for 15 years until Gary retired in 2008.

The hair may be a bit thinner, but other than that he hasn’t changed. He still has those steely blue eyes and trademark ‘stache, and an authoritative air about him -- even in photos.

I wish I could tell you what the 72-year-old has been up to lately, but he keeps a pretty low profile, and Estela didn't elaborate on her post. It’s good to see him, though. He looks well. Stay classy, Gary.

Estela’s Tearful Goodbye - Gary Warner Signs Off

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