Really great television shows can have a lifetime run and that includes these classic favorite TV shows that truly defined the ‘70s. Everything from the lingo, the clothes, the silly scenarios and high jinks are why I chose these sitcoms for my list.

The Jeffersons – 1975

The Jeffersons was all about a newly rich African-American family who find themselves moving into a high society environment and dealing with all the tenants in their new apartment complex and a very feisty and quick witted maid who frequently bumps heads with her employer, George Jefferson played by long time El Pasoan, Sherman Hemsley.

Welcome Back Kotter – 1975

Who wasn’t in love with John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino? This show revolved around a group of trouble makers and their teacher at an inner city high school.

WKRP in Cincinnati – 1978

If there ever was a most realistic TV show about a radio station, this would be it. Starring, Howard Hessman as DJ Johnny Fever and the rest of the staff including Loni Anderson as the beautiful receptionist and the rest of the weird staff makes the perfect combination of characters for this hilarious sitcom.

Three’s Company – 1977

This show featured one of the main characters, Jack Tripper, (John Ritter) a chef in the making who pretends to be gay so he could afford his rent and share an apartment with two women, Chrissy and Janet (Suzanne Summer and Joyce Dewitt). This show had everything from physical comedy, adult innuendos and plenty of laughs.


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