A flier left on the door of an east El Paso neighborhood freaked out a few residents because it said that their water had been tested and was found to have high levels of prescription drugs in it and that it was unsafe. News Channel 9 says an El Paso man got the notice from a company called 'Quality Water' and thought it was left behind from El Paso Water Utilities because the logos appear very similar. The man said when he called 'Quality Water' and was told the company had tested the water in his neighborhood and wanted to discuss the high levels of prescription drugs they found. When NewsChannel9 called the number on the flier a 'Quality Water' representative said 'Quality Water' is certified by an environmental agency and offers services to clean drinking water. The important thing you need to know is that they are not a part of El Paso Water Utilities. EPWU tests water 24/7 and they say it has not tested positive for prescription drugs and is not unsafe. If you would like a sample of your water to be tested you can call (915) 594-5733.

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