With the Texas heat bearing down on everyone in the state, many are looking for any type of relief from temps reaching over 100 degrees. Various ways to do so are available to residents in the state. But there's one that many will be taking themselves to certain part of the state.

One of the big benefits of Texas, besides the land mass obviously, is the amount the activities the state offers. Just pick a town in Texas and there's bound to be something to do there. Especially if you end up on the oceanside of the Lone Star State. The one activity we mentioned earlier, well it's going to the beach!

However, problems of a certain kind are beginning to appear in the waters of Texas. Suffice to say, some may avoid the beach area all together.

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Something In The Water In Texas, And Not In A Good Way

According to Environment Texas, many shores in Texas are plagued with levels of fecal matter that should worry many in the state. The data collected shows a staggering amount of coastal waters, 61 to be exact, had fecal matter in them.

Further data revealed eight of the beaches had levels that were unsafe for individuals to be in, the threshold being over 25% contamination. This isn't just a Texas matter however, as KHOU 11 reports this has become a nationwide issue.

So is there a way to check levels before you head out to the coast? Yes there is! Clicking here will show you the latest data on beaches in the Lone Star State.

Will you be swimming on the Texas coastline this year? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app using the chat feature.

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