If you’re a male and have been in a relationship or are eventually going to be in one, there are certain things you should understand about women.

The list consists of 5 things all men should understand about women, these are cheat codes to make your relationship or soon to be relationship the best it can be.

1. NEVER wake your girlfriend up from a nap. This is the first one on the list because if you wake her up from her nap, you’re most likely going to see a side of her you’ve never seen before. The real definition of a “rude awakening.” It will leave her in an angry mood for a long period of the day.

2. Keep your girlfriend fed. A hangry girlfriend is a nightmare.

3. When she’s on her period, there is no telling what will set her off, the littlest things can upset her so it is only best to comfort her during this time. It also helps when you pretend to be on your period as well because if you keep her laughing, she is less likely to catch a bad mood swing.

4. Understand that you can never win an argument with her. Even if you’re right and she knows you’re right, she will never admit that she is wrong so the best thing to do is just agree with her even if you know you're right.

5. If you can tell something is bothering her, when you ask her about it and she replies with, “nothing, I’m fine.” In reality, it’s really a test to see if you really care and she is not fine at all. Ultimately, she wants you to ask her again and again and again until you get it out of her so she can tell you what is really bothering her instead of blowing off the fact that she said she's "fine."

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