Texas couples, how often do you get in your car after your partners used it and wondered how another human can live this way? Well you are not alone, "car-incompatibility" is a thing and now you can find out if you and your darling are actually mean to be...sharing a car. SWNS polled 2,000 car-sharing married couples to uncover the top annoyances, and even though I only share a car with my mom right now, these struggles are still all too real.

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Seat RE-adjustments


Topping the charts is the eternal struggle of readjusting that seat. Seriously, can't we all agree on a universal position? It definitely doesn't help if you and your partner are two entirely different sizes.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors


Coming in close behind is the dreaded mirror readjustment. Almost every single thing on this list is made worse by a big height difference between you and your boo. All you couples of the same height, you probably don't know these struggles.

Seat RE-recline


This one is different than the first one! Its not about how far back the persons tall or tiny legs need to be from the pedals, this is just about comfort. Every person has a different comfort level in recline. Some people wanna chill all the way back like a cholo cruisin' the lowrider on a Sunday afternoon, and others have the seat at a 90-degree angle. Where do you fall on the Seat Scale?

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Gassed Up


Maybe not everyone, but maybe everyone who has ever shared a car has experienced this scenario: You're in a rush to leave the house because you're running late and you just barely grab all your stuff and get ready fast enough to just barely make it to work on time! You rush to the car, throw your stuff in the backseat, start the car, and suddenly notice that the tank is on E...you could have made it on time. But now you have to stop for gas. And have a fight when you get home.

Surprise Radio Party


Alright this one is legitimately terrifying. You're all alone, getting in the car and heading out into the world. Ready for the day, no surprises, no worries, just good vibes! You start the car and the radio starts SCREAMING AT YOU!! Someone forgot to turn the volume down while they were jamming to their favorite tune. Not cool, man.

Steering Wheel of Fortune


This is another one of the size difference annoyances. Ever adjust the seat to get in after a short person and forget about the steering wheel? The knee bruises speak for themselves.

Don't Radio Play With My Heart


The volume isn't the only annoying part about the radio. Even if you and your partner listen to a lot of the same music, you cant like EVERY single same thing. At some point, you've gotten into your car and heard a voice you despise singing over the radio and you thought about your partner and wondered...why?

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Your Mess Is My Mess


Sometimes you love a slob and you either have to crack down on this or just be okay with it. Cause that car is never gonna be as clean as you left it the last time you were in it. A bottle of water here and there? Food wrappers in the backseat? A leftover coffee in the cupholder? You can handle this. Its the leftover lunch container wedged under the passenger seat that you didn't notice until after that long hot day at work. That smell, that's the thing that you cant forgive.

Hotheads and Cold Shoulders


Now not every car is nice enough for the AC to shoot cold air right away, sometimes the car needs a minute. Those of you with really strong air conditioners however, you know the pain of starting the car on a cold day and feeling the sudden blast of cold air hitting you like a canon. Because your partner loves to be cold and I guess the temperature outside wasn't enough for them. Or flip it, maybe your dearest darling loves to be hot and it doesn't matter if its warm out or not. That heater is always running and you know your gonna melt into the seat before you even make it out of your driveway.

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