Move over ghosting because roaching is the latest dating term that's trending this year, and it will have you wanting to stomp them out of your life.


As a single gal, I can tell you that the dating world is as confusing and challenging as trying to navigate down a road with no seat belt on while blindfolded.

If dating wasn't complicated enough, Roaching is now something that single folks who put themselves out there will have to contend with while dating.

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Unlike Ghosting, which is when you are dating or seeing someone and they "ghost" you suddenly by avoiding you and all communication, roaching is on a whole other level.

Roaching refers to dating partners who are secretly dating and sleeping with multiple people. The term roaching comes from the theory that when you see one cockroach, there are many more cockroaches that you don’t see hiding somewhere in the dark, like your partner's secret sexual partners.

So what are the tell-tell signs that someone is roaching you?

  • They often disappear for days and sometimes weeks and will pop back up as if nothing happened.
  • They’ll cancel and don’t keep plans with you.
  • They’re hardly ever available whenever you are.
  • They post photos of nights out with others, especially other women.
  • They don’t want a serious relationship and insist on keeping things casual.
  • They keep you at arm’s length.
  • They never bring you around their inner circle.

Apart from all these red flags, the most important sign to look out for is that of dishonesty. If someone is continually lying to your face, then it’s probably time to move on.

Everything is new when starting a relationship, but pay attention when your gut tells you something is off.

Relationships are not easy, and trusting someone is critical in entering and maintaining one. So the next time you’re wondering if you’re new date is acting weird, you might ask yourself if you’re being roached.

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