As a new resident of Horizon City, I have anxiously been waiting for all the construction to go away.

I get that we need it but seriously, so much of it is happening. It is for a good reason, as Eastlake welcomes a new shopping center.

The Eastlake Marketplace is slowly opening up its stores in the new year. The first one up is one of my personal favorites, Dollar Tree.

A magical store that has multiple locations here in El Paso but the latest one is ready for customers. It might not look like it since it is at the far end of the shopping center, surrounded by construction, but it is.

Just follow the signs.

I went for a little drive to take some photos and get a little sneak peek of what is to come to Eastlake Marketplace. This area is constantly growing as you drive around to see the sights.

So many new homes are being built. I am amazed at how fast these gorgeous houses are going up. I can only dream to own them one day but I am very happy for those El Pasoans who are moving on over to the east side.

Pretty soon we might get all fancy and have stores/restaurants that have not been in El Paso before.

As a small town Fabens girl, moving on up to Horizon is a big win for me. Now it only takes me like eight minutes to get to Walmart. SCORE!

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El Paso is Growing: EastLake Marketplace

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