It is still early in the new year, so I don't want to upset the universe too much. I am a firm believer to keep throwing out positive vibes into the universe, so that you may be surrounded by positivity.

One local El Paso boutique is receiving some positive vibes from the universe in the form of a headless mannequin.

PLUSH Boutique posted on their Facebook page about a very, weird yet beautiful random act of kindness.

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When returning to check on the shop, the owner and her family were surprised to find a white mannequin body just standing outside the shop. While this may seem a little suspicious, after examining the mannequin, it is safe to say it is a kind gesture to the shop.

So today this happened.....

My family and I went to my shop PLUSH Boutique El Paso (man I love saying that)to check up...

Posted by PLUSH Boutique El Paso on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

El Pasoans are known to be very welcoming and this seems like the perfect mystery gift to welcome a new shop to the community.

No one knows if this was actually a gift. No one knows why it was left there. All we do know if that this mannequin has no head and no clothes. Luckily, PLUSH Boutique has plenty of outfits to dress up the mystery mannequin every day!

If anyone wants to leave a mystery gift outside of the radio station, we will accept some cool costumes or chairs. Thanks!

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