If there is one thing I really enjoy on a pay day it's going to the Dollar Tree and blowing about twenty bucks on some stuff that I really don't need, but I love to buy because you get to walk out with a bunch of shopping bags and feel like you're rich but you don't have to eat ramen for the rest of the month.

I love buying stuff for Easter baskets for my grandkids and nieces and nephews because they could play with the stuff and when it broke two days later or they got tired of it I didn't care because it only cost a dollar.

On Wednesday Dollar Tree shook up the internet by announcing that they were going to have to raise prices a bit because of their own rising costs and Twitter went bananas. People couldn't believe that Dollar Tree was going to betray them like that. I had to stop drinking my wine because I almost spit it out so often as I was reading the tweets from people who really took the price hike personally like this guy. You can really feel the betrayal coming off of him.

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