El Paso is full of talented artists and entrepreneur. Two of my favorite local Instagram profiles to follow are local blogger Annie's Adventures and Chuco Relic, which have now teamed up to make something big in El Paso! These profiles have been teasing a big announcement and have finally shared it with the Sun City.

Chuco Relic has announced a third store opening, in collaboration with Annie's Adventures, which will involve many local artists from not only the El Paso area but New Mexico and Mexico. The good ol' El Paso saddle blanket will also be selling items inside the store, which brings back some much nostalgia for the El Paso community

This third location already has an Instagram profile I am following, along with a new name, Chuco Relic Trading Post. This seems like another great opportunity for El Pasoans helping El Pasoans. I can't wait for the big grand opening of another amazing shop that proudly represents the Sun City and the relationships we have with our surrounding communities.

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