Black Friday isn't just one of the biggest shopping days, it is the name of one of the newest businesses in El Paso. This store has a unique way of doing business as it has tons of merchandise piled onto multiple long tables. There are no signs directing you to the different departments of the store, you just have to rely on your pure curiosity and what you see other people carrying.

These tables are filled with all types of merchandise you have probably seen either on Amazon, Target or other big box stores. For El Pasoans, this store is a fun way to shop, if you are willing to wait in long lines not only to be one of the first customers in line, but to pay.

I have visited the store many times and walked away with things I never knew I needed. The concept is what I like to call a "really cool estate sale."

Black Friday prices their merchandise by one set price for each day. Which is really cool when you find a really nice item for a really low price. Even the start of a new "work week" for them begins with low prices at everything for only $8. Saturdays it is $5, Sunday $4, Monday $3, Tuesday $2 and Wednesday $1.

I am really impressed with how Black Friday has attempted to control the chaos El Pasoans bring to "opening days" which are Friday nights. They open at 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. and people are usually already lining up for the store to open around 1 p.m. Once Black Friday opens, people rush in trying to grab things they have seen from the earlier Facebook Lives hosts on the Black Friday Facebook.

A new rule even had to be put in place because El Pasoans where using their children as shopping carts, by placing them on the walls and throwing merchadise at them. I did actually witness this in the early days of the McRae stores opening.

Services tables are available for customers to take unopened boxes and have them opened up in the store safely, without worry of dropping, breaking or stealing something. Of course, El Pasoans still try to open the boxes at the merchandise tables, which causes for missing items or messy tables.

I am even a little concern sharing this stores' info because I am so in love with the merchandise the store brings. I just want to keep to it to myself, but I am not a monster. Black Friday gives our community a fun way to try to get something you wouldn't usually spend tons of money on, for an affordable price.

I am still jealous of this girl who found a self-cleaning litter box. That is my dream find at Black Friday!

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