As we all know, I'm trying to avoid being fat and 45.  I've been working out, I've been trying to watch what I eat, and I've even begun to see some positive changes.  Then I had dinner last night with a hotsie totsie named Marissa Monroy!

Yes, the very same Marissa Monroy who reports for KVIA, our news partners.  You've seen her - she's cute, she's young, she's Notre Dame educated.  Did I mention she's cute?  Well, she is and last night, she, former KVIA'er, Andrew Chung, KTSM sports reporter Beau Bagley, Darren and I went to dinner at Avila's on the westside. 

The guys and I had been there for about 30 minutes when Marissa came in, fresh from the gym.  I hadn't worked out because, well, because I was lazy yesterday, and I had already eaten chips and salsa and was starting in on a combo plate of deliciousness when Ms. Monroy joined us.  She didn't order dinner, but did entice the table into getting little fried pillows of joy, better known as sopaipillas!  I tried to hold off, I did!  But alas, the sight of those warm, sweet, rolled in cinnamon sugar treats did me in.  I had one.  Just one.  But I know Marissa was chuckling inside!  I could see it in her eyes!  Oh, Marissa Monroy, just you wait!  I'll be a hotsie totsie before my birthday!  Then I'll make you a batch of double chocolate brownies and leave them on your desk!