El Paso Independent School District evaluated Superintendent Juan Cabrera and announced their findings yesterday.

The school board said that last year’s goals were met by Cabrera and that moving forward, there will be a major change in goals for Cabrera. Because Cabrera met the goals set for him since his hiring in 2013, he will be awarded a 15 percent raise in salary.

In the past, EPISD superintendent’s goals were focused on staff, resources, time and money, but going forward, Cabrera's goals will include focusing on student outcomes. That includes raising scores, a better understanding of dual languages, and increasing enrollment in college or vocational certifications.

The board also announced that because Cabrera successfully got the almost half-billion dollar bond passed by voters, and has consistently passed balanced budgets, he will get a pay increase of a little more than $45,000 this year. His current salary is a little more than $303,000.

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