Have you seen someone post a single heart emoji as their Facebook status? It's just a heart emoji and nothing else. No explanation. When I saw it on a friend's status for the first time, I just thought they were telling the world how happy and in love they were with their spouse. Turns out, the single heart emoji has nothing to do with being lovey-dovey with your partner.

When you post the heart emoji, people are supposed to ask what it means and then you say that the heart emoji is only for women as part of Breast Cancer Research Week. Then you post 'One small act of solidarity between women.'


Seriously, wouldn't saying something like 'This single heart emoji is to bring attention to women fighting the battle with breast cancer and the importance of breast cancer research.' I mean, 'Breast Cancer Research Week' doesn't even exist. As Mike and Tricia Mornings listeners know, Pink Ribbon Week in October is when we help get out the word on breast health. It's part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month that is set aside to get as much information out to as many women as possible.

If you want to really get information out to your friends and family, post the heart emoji, but let them know why. Otherwise, they might think you got lucky last night and scroll past your status. You can also post links to organizations that help women get low-cost mammograms, offer support for those dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, or where they can get more information about the disease.

Heart emojis are pretty, but information is power, and it could save a life.

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