El Paso Animal Services is seeking temporary El Paso foster homes to help shelter pets this holiday season.

Kennels at Animal Services are already filling up as the shelter is already housing nearly 500 pets and counting. with the holiday season coming up, Animal services are seeking interested families to foster homeless pets for the holidays.

For anyone interested in becoming a foster to a homeless pet can sign up for free. El Paso Animal Services also provides foster families with pet food, supplies, and vaccines while the pet is in temporary foster care.

Foster families will typically care for a pet for a period of two to four weeks making a world of a difference for an animal who would otherwise be stuck in a shelter.

How To Become A Pet Foster Home

  • Register online at elpasoanimalservices.org/foster
  • Foster counseling and processing is then completed via phone and by curbside service, to help minimize contact for customers and staff.

According to Animal Services, nearly 2,000 families have registered to become fosters, caring for more than 2,400 shelter pets this year alone.

Foster families also have the option to adopt their foster pet via the Animal Services Adoption Program. If you or anyone you know would like to adopt and open their homes to a loving dog or cat can view available pets, at elpasoanimalservices.org/adopt.

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