Behavior problems can sometimes drive you crazy.

Whether it be with your child, your dogs, or your coworker, or your pets' behavior, it can be controlled when you understand it.

El Paso Animal Services has been doing a great job on its social media accounts to spread the word about how wonderful it is to have a furry friend.

Sometimes it is hard to have a furry friend, especially if they are untrained.

Instead of getting frustrated with your fido, try to understand them as you would a child.

Dogs vs. Kids

I know some people gag at the thought of dog owners calling their dogs, their children or even can't fathom the idea of loving an animal like a child. It is a weird thing when I see pet owners not love their dogs so deeply. Even as a cat lady, when I owned dogs, those fur babies were my everything. I would hope all dog owners feel the same. I would hope all parents would also love their child deeply or equally to their pet.

Before I had my daughter, I would say my pets were my child and disciplined them as so. Now as I teach my daughter to behave I see so many similarities between pet training and child life lessons. I used to joke about it but it is so true and this Instagram reel confims it.

Try to Understand Your Dog and Child

Instead of getting upset, take a step back and look at your dog's behavior as you would a two-year-old child. Both on a rampage of destruction? There is a reason why.

As explained in the video, these mammals are trying to understand the world around them and need some guidance. It isn't because they hate us, they just want to have fun and learn things.

Take it easy on both your dogs and children next time someone is crawling through the trash. Seriously, they both do those things and it is gross.

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