The ASARCO stacks and El Paso City Hall building are scheduled to be destroyed Saturday and Sunday, and even though they will be filmed from every angle, and blogged about obsessively, I think the newspaper is still the best way to experience the big blow ups.

Demolition Weekend in El Paso

Yes, I'm old-fashioned, but somehow, an endlessly looped 10 seconds of video and an anchor's 15 second description of the stacks coming down, doesn't excite me as much as seeing a full color, full page picture of the moment the stacks go from upright to leaning-tower-of-Pisa.

Don't get me wrong - you need to check out our coverage on throughout the weekend!  But I bought 3 copies of today's El Paso Times, and I'm going to buy 3 copies of their aftermath editions, as well, and I'm going to treasure them.

And when I'm dead and my great-grandkids are cleaning out my house, they can pick them up and say, "What the heck are these?"

Demolition Weekend In El Paso
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