If you have unpaid traffic or parking tickets, or warrants issued by the city of El Paso, I've got some good news for you; the city is willing to forgive all the fees you've racked up if you pay up during Amnesty Week.

From Monday, February 22 to Saturday, March 5, those who pay their outstanding traffic or City Ordinance warrants will have the total delinquency fees and collection fees reduced to zero, leaving only the original fine amount to be paid for each overdue citation. If you have delinquent parking citations, the city will waive the delinquency fees.

But you only have the 2 week period to make it good. After that, the po-po will conduct a warrant round up campaign. Those who didn't take care of their warrants risk getting arrested. Anyone with outstanding delinquent parking citations will be in danger of having their car booted.

Check to see if you’re a wanted man (or woman) by visiting the city warrant search site HERE. If you do have an outstanding warrant or ticket(s), you have the option of paying it off online HERE, or in person at one of the five Municipal Courts listed HERE.