The ASARCO smokestacks were a part of El Paso history for over 100 years, and a lot of people were angry when they were demolished as part of Demolition Weekend in 2013. In addition to the iconic smokestacks coming down, El Paso's City Hall was also demolished to make way for the downtown ballpark.

Before the stacks were taken down, a local group tried to save them. This video was taken by Jon Powell of Industrial Access as he walked the top of the tall stack during an inspection for the Save the Stacks group of El Paso.

The ASARCO site is now sitting empty and there have been a lot of suggested uses for the site. Some people have suggested building the Quality of Life bond arena there, but that arena is supposed to be in downtown El Paso, so it won't go there. There was a rumor that UTEP was looking at buying the land, but that hasn't happened, either. Whatever happens to the land, for El Pasoans, it will always be the ASARCO site.

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